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accelerating policy at the state level

Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act

The Accelerate Group President Andrew Barbeau served a central role in the development and passage of Illinois' Climate and Equitable Jobs Act in 2021, described at the time as the nation's most significant climate and equity legislation. The new law sets a step-by-step schedule for decarbonizing the state's electric sector, seeds a 5-fold increase in renewable energy development, creates landmark investments to build wealth and equity in communities of color, and ensures a just transition former fossil fuel communities.

By the numbers:

  • 100% Carbon-free power sector by 2045, with interim step-by-steps
  • 50% Renewable Energy by 2040, $380 million/yr in new renewable energy investments
  • 1 million electric vehicles in Illinois by 2030
  • $82 million/yr investment in workforce development and contractor equity programs
  • $41 million/yr investment in former fossil fuel communities and workers
  • 40% of the benefits and investments in solar power, electric vehicles, and the grid must go to equity investment eligible communities and persons