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The Accelerate Group has launched a new Smart Building Operations Pilot using its Site.Energy platform, an innovative energy efficiency software pilot that uses energy usage data from smart meters and sub-meters to inform and incentivize energy efficient building operations decisions.

The Accelerate Group is working to launch, a new portal for supporting Community Solar initiatives in Illinois. Community Solar allows people to subscribe to a solar project in their community, if they are not able to install solar on their own property. Community Solar drives community investment and economic development, and expands access to the clean energy economy to those who would otherwise be left out.

Microgrid Pilot

The Accelerate Group is working to develop a Master Plan for an innovative new clean energy microgrid pilot. The project will create a new model for community energy partnerships and ensure resiliency for civic infrastructure.

John G. Shedd Aquarium

The Accelerate Group has worked with the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago since 2012 to develop and implement their Master Energy Roadmap, and ambitious project to reduce the building’s energy and water use by 50% by 2020, and create the world’s first smart energy aquarium. To date, the Shedd has positioned itself as an energy leader by deploying a rooftop solar array, reducing their facility’s peak electricity demand by 35%, leverage data analytics to improve operations, and installed a 1 MW battery energy storage system to participate in the wholesale grid ancillary services markets, and more.

Advanced Technology Pilots

The Accelerate Group is working to evaluate and demonstrate new technology capabilities, applications, and markets for smart city, distributed energy and smart home technology. This includes pilots and technology evaluations for battery energy storage, smart inverters, smart streetlights, electric vehicle charging, and peer-to-peer energy transactions.

CPUC's Policy+Innovation Coordination Group

The Accelerate Group is the Project Coordinator for the California Public Utilities Commission’s new Policy+Innovation Coordination Group initiative, an effort to better connect ratepayer-funded electricity RD&D projects with current and emerging policy issues facing the CPUC.  The Accelerate Group will be working to lead stakeholder workstreams around 4 “Partnership Areas” for 2020. For more information, please

Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition

The Accelerate Group has supported the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition to develop and pass Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, landmark legislation passed in 2021 to put the state on a path to a carbon free power sector in a just and equitable way, investing in communities, and tackling transportation pollution.

Strategic Planning

The Accelerate Group supports a broad range of clients on the development of comprehensive strategic plans, from vision to execution. The Accelerate Group team will embed or directly interface with your organization’s staff, stakeholders, board members, founders, customers, donors, or to develop a business or non-profit strategy that identifies key opportunities, clarifies or develops core goals, understands near and emerging challenges, and develops new strategies for overcoming those challenges.  The Accelerate Group has worked with large- and small- non-profits, as well as new start-ups and large corporations to develop and help execute new core strategies.

Community Engagement & Planning

The Accelerate Group works with communities, cities, not-for-profit organizations, start-ups, economic development organizations and others to support community planning, investment projects, and other place-based initiatives through a community design approach.  We work to support large-scale and targeted efforts to help communities lay out the programs and paths that best meet their local needs, and reaching residents and small businesses often left out of larger initiatives, and developing strategies for layering programs and policy initiatives to create new models that meet community goals.

International Smart City Innovation

The Accelerate Group has partnered with industry and governments in Europe and Asia to create technology and innovation partnerships on smart city technology. The Accelerate Group focuses on connecting start-ups with innovative technology to growth opportunities in the U.S., providing specific technology, market, industry, and economy expertise to companies looking to enter the U.S. market or collaborate on research and pilot projects.