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Smart Buildings

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What started as a simple question helped launch one of the country's most innovative smart building pilots and pay-for-performance energy savings programs. For the past decade, large commercial buildings have been installing more granular energy metering to get real-time insights into their energy use. Yet, in conversation after conversation, The Accelerate Group heard a consistent complaint: "This system tells me where I am, but I need to know where I should be."

The Accelerate Group, and its sister company Accelerate Energy Labs, developed a new software tool and hardware installation that allowed large building owners to not only gain real-time insight into their energy management, but also gave them an hourly baseline to beat every day. The software tracked their precise hourly energy efficiency and carbon reduction savings, and created an incentive for building operators to reduce energy use through everyday actions.

In partnership with utility ComEd, Accelerate Energy Labs launched a pilot with 10 million sq.ft. of commercial buildings to pay building owners for their energy savings they were able to achieve by getting their usage below their baseline.

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